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Getting A Boiler install?

Boilers, like any other heating appliance require servicing in order to prolong its heat production and life. Of course, Boilers don’t last forever and there will be a time when it will need to be replaced.



Here is a guide to help you get a boiler professionally installed by Pacific Coast Heating!

  • Choose a time that suits you and contact Pacific Coast Heating. Book an appointment to diagnose your boiler. This assessment will ultimately determine whether or not your boiler will require repairs or a replacement.
  • Once your heat expert determines your boiler’s fate, a discussion will follow. The discussion will consist of what you currently have, what is available for your heating situation, and finally the cost required to get the job done right.
  • Boiler Installations are very complex and it is recommended to only have an expert do the job. Be mindful of all local codes that need to be followed when a boiler installation is required.
  • After the installation, your heating expert will give you a detailed introduction of all features and benefits of the new boiler.

The installation process…

Did you know that the most common model of heating system installed is high-efficiency?

With that in mind, most high-efficiency furnaces and boilers are different and require components to properly operate. You may notice a seperate exhaust vent or some other type of modification done to your home. Never hesitate to ask your local Pacific Coast heating Expert about any concerns. If these modifications were not done previously, it may extend the time to complete the job and therefore increase the cost.



The most cruical part of the installations process is the removal of the old boiler. Don’t be surprised if there are other issues that may arise. However, there is nothing to worry about, your local expert will solve the problem. Truthfully, your old boiler will most likely be over 10 years of age. A lot has changed in terms of technoloy and may require special removal techniques and disposal. Furthermore, gas pipes and other piping will need to be re-routed for the new efficient boiler.

No parts left untested…It doesn’t matter who was servicing or maintaining your old boiler, Pacific Coast Heating has implemented a strict proceedure in order to test all hazardous components. Gas lines especially are prone to leaks, in effect, creating a hazardous home for you and your loved ones. As the boiler installation process takes place, know that your local Pacific Coast Technician will maintain integrity at all times by keeping your family’s safety in mind.

Operating your boiler with optimum amount of air will minimize heat loss up the stack and improve combustion efficiency. Combustion efficiency is a measure of how effectively a fuel source is transferred into usable heat. Know that during a boiler installation, Pacific Coast heat technicians pay close attention to save you money in the long run by reducing heat loss.

Don’t forget that a boilers need to be serviced yearly in order to maintain consistent heat and longevity. A Boiler Tune-up or service is repeated once a year in order for your boiler to continue to operate at its peak efficiency. Find out more about boiler servicing here.

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