If you face a no-hot water situation Pacific Coast Heating is here to help. With Pacific Coast Heating emergency water heater repair service, all you have to do is call and we’ll be at your door in 4 hours or less.

Hot Water Heater (Commercial and Residential)

Advanced Technology

  • Two microprocessors offer better control and safer operation by continuously cross monitoring each other’s performance to assure proper operation at all times.
  • APS (Air Pressure Sensor) maximizes combustion efficiency.
  • GPS (Gas Pressure Sensor) offers stable combustion.
  • Built-in leak detector prevents damage to the water heater and to personal property.

Hot Water Heater Install

Does your shower seem a little cooler? Do you find the hot water doesn’t last when you do the dishes? If this is the case, contact Pacific Coast Heating today for a water heater service appointment.

Whether it’s a routine inspection or the replacement of an entire hot water heater system, our trained technicians specialize in the service, repair, and maintenance of all types of hot water tanks and tankless water heater products.

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